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The stimulation of the superficial fasciae with the BLACKROLL NEEDLEROLLER has many effects. The tingling, blood circulation-promoting effect is immediately noticeable. In combination with the treatment of deeper tissue layers, BLACKROLL NEEDLEROLLER can regulate the production of collagen and elastin.


Directions for use:


The pressure of BLACKROLL NEEDLEROLLER can be very well dosed. Roll back and forth on the skin and stimulate the free nerve endings in the skin. The NEEDLEROLLER is particularly suitable for stimulating the reflex and acupuncture zones.


Warnings and contraindications:


Reduce the pressure if redness and skin irritation appear or take a break from use. If you find the stimulation too intense at first, you can reduce the pressure with a thin cloth between the roller and the skin. Consult your doctor before using the BLACKROLL NEEDLEROLLER if you suffer from the following complaints:


Acute Infectious Diseases

Acute or febrile phases of chronic diseases

Acute traumas or diseases (e.g. bone fractures, blood clots, thromboses)

Cardiovascular diseases

Varicose veins

After operations, for wounds, burns and frostbite

For skin diseases

When taking anticoagulant ("blood-thinning") medication


If you are unsure about other diseases or in case of pregnancy, please consult your doctor or therapist beforehand.


Dry cleaning:


The needles are configured to deliver an optimal, health-promoting stimulus without damaging the skin. Therefore it is sufficient to clean the BLACKROLL NEEDLEROLLER for personal use with water, soap and a brush at regular intervals. The metals specially selected for their stimulating effect are not rust-proof; therefore dry BLACKROLL NEEDLEROLLER with a standard hairdryer. BLACKROLL NEEDLEROLLER should be stored between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius and not too humid (air humidity below 80%). Avoid storage under direct sunlight.

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