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Excellent formula, excellent taste: It's high time to convince yourself of the effectiveness of Glutamine Xplode with the innovative VIT-A-MIN SuperCharge formula in 3 flavours - pineapple, lemon and orange!  You have certainly never drunk such tasty glutamine before.  Glutamine Xplode provides you with a high dose of L-glutamine and L-leucine, L-cysteine and selenium with the participation of vitamin C are also combined in this product. VIT-A-MIN SuperCharge = VIT-amines + A-mino acid + MINerals. Glutamine Xplode™ - More than just glutamine and a perfect post workout supplement.


Recommended intake


Mix 1 serving of 10g (½ measuring spoon) per day with 200ml water and take. After training or before going to bed, con cone. Consume immediately after preparation.


Important notes


The product must not be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Do not exceed the above recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be consumed as a substitute for a balanced diet. A medical doctor or nutritionist should be consulted in the event of health problems or questions about use. Store in a cool and dry place and keep out of the reach of children! A healthy lifestyle is as important as a balanced diet.




Nutritional values

  pro 100g 
 Energie 387 kcal / 1622 kJ 
 Eiweiss 79,4 g 
 Kohlenhydrate  5,1 g 
 davon Zucker  5,1 g 
 Fett  < 0,1 g 
 davon gesättigt  < 0,1 g 
 L-Glutamin  55 g 
 L-Leucin  15 g 
 L-Cystein  2,5 g 
 Selen  550 µg 
 Niacin  160 mg 
 Vitamin B6  14 mg 
 Vitamin B12  25 µg 
 Folsäure  2000 µg 
 Vitamin C (PureWay-C®)  800 mg

*RDA = Recommended daily amount per average adult.


Allergy warning


No potential allergens known. 

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