Acáo, 250ml

Geschmack: Maracuja-Ingwer
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Awaken the doer in you: with 100% natural energy from acáo! Exotic, original, fruity - these are the three acáo flavours. Choose your favourite, refresh yourself, wake up and simply go through with what you have planned. Be simple: awake by nature.


100% organic and vegan

Refreshing, not too sweet

only 18 kcal /19 kcal / 100 ml


Passion fruit ginger: The fruity one. Slight pungency of ginger, fruit of passion fruit, mild yet pungent, simply wild


Quince-lemon: The original. The light taste of quince and lemon as you know and love it.


Pink Grapefruit: The exotic one. Pink power from the grapefruit, usual organic quality and low calories


Recommended consumption


Depending on your needs.




Passion fruit ginger: Water, agave syrup*, orange juice concentrate*, ginger pulp*, 2.5% passion fruit juice concentrate*, carbon dioxide, lemon juice concentrate*, guarana extract*, natural orange flavour with other natural flavours, natural flavour caffeine, stabiliser locust bean gum*. *from organic cultivation


Quince-lemon: water, agave syrup*, 18 % quince juice concentrate*, carbon dioxide, guarana extract*, 1 % lemon juice concentrate*, natural flavouring, sea buckthorn powder*. *from organic cultivation


Pink Grapefruit: water, agave syrup*, lemon juice concentrate*, pink grapefruit juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, apple juice concentrate*, guarana extract*, natural grapefruit flavour with other natural flavours, colouring concentrate from carrot*, natural flavour caffeine, stabiliser locust bean gum*, *from organic farming




acáo is a certified organic soft drink (organic inspection body DE-ÖKO-006).


Soft drink with increased caffeine content (25 mg / 100 ml). Not recommended for children and pregnant or nursing women.


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