Nano ä Protein Pancake, 12 x 45g

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"Nano ä Protein Pancake"


These filled pancakes taste like freshly baked. The Nano ä Protein Pancakes consist of two airy pancakes each with a delicious cream filling. The Nano ä Protein Pancake is available with chocolate, vanilla and peach filling. High-quality Volac Whey protein strengthens your muscle structure. This delicacy is the perfect snack for athletes. We at Fiteluxe recommend the Nano ä Protein Pancake to take away and as a healthy snack in the evening and after a meal.




delicious pancakes with cream filling

16 g protein per serving

no added sugar

superior ingredients

delicious flavours

taste like freshly baked




How can you recognize the quality of Nano ä Protein Pancakes?


The answer that you can taste the high quality is correct, but a bit too simple. We at Fiteluxe will gladly tell you a little more about the Nano ä Protein Pancake. Besides natural oats, whey protein is the main raw material. The manufacturer Nano purchases Volac Vocative Ultra Whey Protein for the Nano ä Protein Pancakes. A guaranteed protein content of 80% and a worldwide recognized high quality distinguish Volac Whey Protein. The Nano ä Protein Pancakes are produced aspartame-free and without added sugar. This also speaks for the high quality of this healthy fitness snack.




Why do bodybuilders love pancakes?


Pancakes are the favorite breakfast of many famous bodybuilders and fitness athletes. Delicious taste, various topping ideas and healthy ingredients make pancakes so popular. Unfortunately the preparation is time-consuming and not always the pancakes succeed in the way you want them to. In addition, freshly baked pancakes are difficult to take along. This is exactly where the Nano ä Protein Pancake comes into play. Two airy and delicious pancakes with a creamy filling in the middle solve all your problems.




Which flavour can we recommend?


It is well known that tastes differ. We at Fiteluxe have fallen head over heels in love with the Nano ä Protein Pancake with chocolate filling. The full-bodied and natural chocolate taste is second to none. The chocolate filling even surpasses a well-known chocolate breakfast spread. In the same league play the Nano ä Protein Pancake with vanilla and peach cream filling. As is well known, tasting is studying.


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