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Ecdysterone is a sterol which is mainly found in the Eastern European plant "Rhaponticum Carthamoides". Sterols are steroid hormones that can be found in plants as well as in arthropods (insects, arachnids, centipedes and crustaceans). As mentioned above, the sterols contained in Ecdysterone are not steroids, but special plant active ingredients that provide insects and other microorganisms with nutrients for their growth. Ecdysterone first came up for discussion as a substance when it became known that Russian strength athletes (weightlifters) used Ecdysterone to bridge their steroid phases in order to counteract the dwindling strength levels and the threat of muscle loss. Even among the weightlifters of the time, only the elite had access to it, because it was a very expensive substance. The pure form of Ecdysteron was extracted by Russian scientists in the 80s. But due to the manufacturing and filtration processes of that time, this was a very complicated and above all time-consuming process. What was also noticeable in the price was that at that time it cost 20,000 dollars per KG. Nowadays, however, it is possible to extract the raw material in a very high quality at a reasonable price. The list below shows foods where ecdysterone is found in particularly high amounts.



white mushrooms




Vita Scabra stem bark


Over 200 different variants of ecdysterone are now known, most of which cannot be metabolized by the body when taken orally. As a result, they are excreted unused. The following variants of ecdysterone are bioavailable to the human body:


  • Sileneosides A and C
  • Ecdyson
  • Ponasteron A
  • Turkesterone
  • integristerone A
  • 24 (28) A -dehydramacisterones
  • Viticosterone E
  • Ecdysterone and Beta Ecdysterone
  • Cyasterone
  • 20-hydroxyecdysones


Of all the variants mentioned, Beta Ecdysterone is probably the most interesting, as Beta Ecdysterone extracts are now available in a standardized form and have been used in numerous studies. The only thing that comes closest to Beta Ecdysterone is Turkeston, but this is only available as an extract and in non-standardized form.


Nutritional Table:

 pro Portion (4 Kapseln)
Spinatextrakt2000 mg
davon ß-Ecdysteron100 mg
L-Leucin1000 mg


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