ProFuel Zellstoff CaMg70+, 180 Kapseln


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With ProFuel Pulp CaMg70+ everything has been kept as natural as possible. Magnesium citrate was used for the magnesium, the calcium comes from red algae, which itself contains 70 trace elements, and the capsules are naturally of vegetable origin. With the recommended daily portion you cover 100% of your calcium and 108% of your magnesium needs.



Take 2 capsules with a glass of still water twice a day about 30 minutes before a meal.



Magnesium citrate, red algae calcium, capsule shell hydroxypropylmethyl, cellulose release agent, magnesium salts of fatty acids.



Nährwertangaben:pro 100 gpro 4 Kapseln 
Brennwert607 kJ (145 kcal)34.8 kJ (8.4 kcal) 
Fett0 g0 g 
- davon gesättigte Fettsäuren0 g0 g 
Kohlenhydrate0 g0 g 
- davon Zucker0 g0 g 
Ballaststoffe10.8 g0.6 g 
Eiweiss0 g0 g 
Salz0 g0 g 
Calcium14024 mg800 mg100%
Magnesium7008 mg400 mg108%