TRX Burn

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The TRX® Burn is designed to help you improve your fitness and get more exercise in everyday life and sports, this revolutionary system will help you burn fat, build muscle and increase your flexibility. Take this portable gym with you wherever you go to exercise and feel better today.


One product - countless movements - endless possibilities


3 months free access to the TRX App

6 Video Workout Downloads

Achieve any fitness goal with a variety of audio and video workouts from world-class instructors, using only your TRX Suspension Trainer, your own body weight and our personalized training app

Choose from dozens of training sessions tailored to your goals and lifestyle.  You can even plan training sessions and track your progress.

Fitness poster with 2 complete workouts and multiple exercises translated into 7 languages

Use your own body weight and adjust the intensity of your training sessions

Scientifically validated and proven that more muscles are activated, which leads to more results in less time.

Training with the TRX Suspension Trainer is proven to increase muscle activation, reduce the risk of injury and speed up results.

Easy to pack to travel, yet tough enough to be fun, fast and effective in just 15 minutes a day.

Perfect for any age, any level, any goal.


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