Vitamin Well, 12 x 500ml


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Vitamin Well is a low calorie drink enriched with various vitamins and minerals. All our Vitamin Well drinks contain 4.2g of fruit sugar per 100ml - compare this with other drinks. We recommend a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Nutritional information

 500 ml
Energie357 kJ/85 kcal
Kohlenhydrate21 g
-davon Zucker21 g
Fett0 g
Ballaststoffe0 g
Eiweiss0 g
Salz0.17 g
Niacin8 mg
Pantothensäure2.4 mg
Vitamin B121.3 µg
Vitamin E7.2 mg
Folsäure200 µg
Biotin25 µg
Magnesium56.3 mg
Zink6 mg
Selen25 µg
Vitamin B61.4 mg


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