ZEC+ Vegan Rice Protein, 1000g

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"ZEC+ Vegan Rice Protein"


ZEC+ Nutrition's Vegan Rice protein powder is made from 100% high-quality rice protein and is produced in Germany. As the name suggests, this protein powder is particularly suitable for vegans. It promotes the building and maintenance of muscle mass. Instead of sugar, the Vegan Rice Protein is sweetened with Stevia - no artificial sweeteners were used.


  • 100% vegetable rice protein
  • very good amino acid balance
  • sweetened with stevia
  • Made in Germany
  • promotes muscle building and maintenance
  • ideal for vegans


What makes the Vegan Rice Protein Powder special?


As the name suggests, the Vegan Rice Protein by Zec+ is an ideal protein powder for vegans and vegetarians. Zec+ Nutrition produces in Germany and uses only the best raw materials in excellent quality. Among the vegan protein powders, rice protein is the one with the highest biological value besides soy protein, without the disadvantages of soy protein (estrogen-like hormones). For long term supplementation rice protein is clearly the first choice for all who are vegan!






The Vegan Rice Protein is also a tip for athletes with extreme lactose intolerance who are not necessarily vegan but have problems with the tiny amount of lactose in Whey Isolat.

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